Students Ternopil - winners of V contest "moral act"

Social Projects Ternopil students were among the winners of the V contest "moral act". Diploma among different age groups received social project "Soul of human kindness", prepared by the regional center Buchatskiy childand youth creativity "Constellation" m. Buchach Ternopil region. Special awards competition awarded social project "as it was" (dedicated to the Hero of Ukraine and the Heavenly Hundreds of Usti Golodniuk) prepared Zaluzhanskoyu School-III level. Zaluzhzhya Zbarazh Ternopil region. The ceremony upwardsodzhennya winners on 23 April in the auditorium of the Kiev University. Boris Grinchenko. By the way, this year's competition attracted more than 30 thousand participants. Reference: Contest "moral act" done in Ukraine is already the fifth time. The purpose of the contest is to promote spiritual and moral heritage, strengthen efforts, spryamoemyh the moral self personality, capable of ensuring the country a worthy place in the civilized world, promoting the formation of citizenship and socio-legal activity of pupils and students, creating appropriate conditions for the manifestation of patriotism. Competition participants - students and students of educational institutions of Ukraine, which in the form of creative report (fotoreportazh, stinnivka, poster, text, a video, etc.) show the results of good deeds and socially significant activities. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration