Inventions two schoolgirls from Ternopil may create problems

Russian Army Inventions for area students presented ATO Ternopil regional branch of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Ukrainian competition-protection of doslidnytstkyh work was held in Kiev on April 7th. Young techniques offered innovative creative approaches to solvingof urgent problems facing the Ukrainian army. So Julia Senyuta of Ternopil figured out how to protect light and heavy armored vehicles from damage. She developed a special piece. This bronezahysnyy element consisting of two layers - rubber and steel. Means reliable, easy to install, able to protect machinery from cumulativepidkalibernyh's and ammunition. Another resident of Ternopil Oksana Murdza developed a way to deal with unmanned vehicles. It presented a mock warhead electromagnetic bomb that is designed to contain electromagnetic waves. The embodiment of the present invention is 3 thousand dollars. This was reported in Ternopil oblderzhadministration