In Ternopil for appointment housing subsidy abolished the need for employment

More than 60% of households in the region have received application forms and returns for application for housing subsidies. This April 9 director of the Department of Social Welfare Ternopil Oblast State Administration Vadym Boyarsky duringbriefing on "Improving the procedure for housing subsidies." "Every household in April and October 2015 will receive a simplified application form and return to the application for subsidies and brief instructions for filling them out. The completed application and declaration should be given to the management of social protection for a placeof residence - said Vadim Boyarsky. - Persons receiving housing subsidy during the heating season 2014/2015 years, the subsidy for the next period shall be appointed on the basis of previously submitted documents without the need for statements and declarations. " The subsidy shall be appointed for 12 months on the basis of information about income referred toof the declaration, and the next period - without recourse, on the basis of the income information from the State Fiscal Service, Pension Fund of Ukraine, social security and so on. In the case where payment of centralized heating is performed only during the heating period, two-part tariffs or if for indievidualnoho heating uses natural gas (electricity), the amount of subsidy is calculated separately for heating and unheated periods. For the purpose grants will be considered without income tax personal income in the previous calendar year. Under the new order of housing subsidies abolished the need for the binding-term employment and able-bodied family members while they were registered at the employment agency. In the calculation of comprehensive income be made of such income family member at the subsistence level for able-bodied people. Eligible for subsidy and persons residing in the living room under a contract of employment housing, and which openthen the personal accounts of payment of utility services. In some cases, the grant shall be appointed by the Commission's decision, namely: - An increased rate over an area housing disabled persons living alone (corresponding decision not revised to changing circumstances); - If personal accounts open to another person; - If the family for 12 monthsYatsiv before applying a one-time purchase made or paid services (construction, repair, mobile communications) in an amount exceeding 50 thousand; - Given the number of people actually living (if Metering services); - If state social inspector found that the family has additional sources of livelihood; - Indyvidualnym developers, whose houses are not taken into operation, but paid services. By the way, the amount of subsidy transferred and which is not used by the household consumption by saving services zarahovuvatymetsya not only as a compulsory payment installments, but also against future payments. This was reported in TernopilsRSA Kyi