Ternopil, in the park "Topilche" continues arranging objects summer trade

Recently a number of online media spread information about the arrangement of the area in summer park & ??laquo; Topilche & raquo ;, in which he said that if he belongs to the family members of city head. Ternopil Mayor Sergei Nadal turned to online editions,that they denied the published information. After all these publications is false, is offensive, degrading the honor, dignity and business reputation, all the arguments it is absolutely groundless, not proven and, consequently, is slander. As the Internet edition not responded to the request to refute the information as a legaliddil City Council is preparing a lawsuit to the editors of these publications. Rev ’ object temporary summer trade establishes entrepreneur who rents years in the territory of the park & ??laquo; Topilche & raquo ;. &Laquo; mentioned in the publication area for years already renting a private entrepreneur to make summer trade. Previously, there was stallsadvertising alcoholic beverages are sold in city parks is strictly prohibited - the director KP « Ob ’ union Recreation Park & ??raquo; Oleg Protasevich. &Ndash; Since the City Council approved a single external style summer playgrounds, so we obliged ’ yazaly entrepreneur arrange place trading Answersbut with the new requirements. So he also is working on installing trees ’ of wooden structures in this area & raquo ;. Oleg Protasiewicz said that the entrepreneur committed ’ yazavsya complete all requirements for the installation of outdoor area, fencing, exterior lighting and landscaping conduct. This was reported in the Ternopil Citypleased