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In Ternopil Sergei Nadal took part in a master class with

Easter eggs Ternopil Mayor Sergei Nadal on the eve of Easter holidays took part in a master class with Easter eggs in the School of Art. M. Boychuk. It tells the master Easter eggs and director of the school Chopyk Eugene, painted in egg Mayor sun sign, traffic. &Laquo; Pysankaand – one of the ancient symbols of Easter. Easter eggs in the pattern evident soul of the Ukrainian people – unique, bright and beautiful, - says Sergey future. &Ndash; Pysanky – This is our tradition and that we must preserve and transmit to future generations the skills Easter eggs & raquo ;. As the master of Easter eggs on Ternopilschyni no inherent characteristic symbols that depict on the egg. Stand ’ it is linked, first of all, to belonging to different regions Territories region of Galicia, Podolia and Volhynia, though we often draw characters Bereginya. &Laquo; This year is the second workshop with Easter eggs, conducting our school. The first was in Monastyryska, etc.f we presented Lemko Easter egg, but now ternopolyan teach different techniques. The youngest learn to do krapanku older – sophisticated technology and call improvise - says Eugene Chopyk. &Ndash; In general, before Easter always turn to us wanting to learn Easter eggs and we invite them to our classes & raquo ;. This is invidomyly in Ternopil City Council