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In Vinnytsia twice a day, rescuers also cleaned the mercury in the homes of citizens

February 16 Vinnitsa rescue was reported mercury medical thermometers damage in homes in Volochayivskyy lane and on the street. 600th anniversary of the regional center. How can ’ it turned out, in both cases due to careless handlingI tenants with thermometers were damaged the integrity of medical devices. Arriving on the scene, service workers « 101 » had cleaned the premises and seized 1 gram of metallic mercury. Rescuers once again remind the public how to act in case of spill mercury (mercury thermometer damage): - Output from the premises of lJew, especially children, the disabled and the elderly; - Open the nastizh all the windows in the room; - Most of the people isolate contaminated room, densely close all doors; - Protect the respiratory system even damp gauze; - Collect syringes big balls and just dumps them in a glass jar with a solution (2 grams Lanemanganates potassium per 1 liter of water), smaller balls collect brush on paper and also dispose the bank. Bank Close the lid. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect mercury is prohibited. Wash contaminated sites soap-soda solution (400 g of soap and 500 grams of soda ash per 10 liters of water) or potassium permanganate solution (20 grams per10 liters of water); - Close the premises after treatment so that there was no connection to other rooms and ventilate for three days; - Hold indoors if possible temperature not lower than 18-20 degrees Celsius; - Clean and rinse the strong, almost black solution of potassium permanganate shoe soles, if you stepped on mercury. In HUDSNScountries in Vinnitsa region