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In the Rivne region on improving the performance of next month will hear

Guide Rivne police station headed by acting Chief of Police of Rivne Volodymyr Holuboshom and spivkuratorom Division - Deputy Head of the Research Forensic Centre at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Oleg Haydukom analyzed all the achievements and shortcomings in the work unit. The report was made acting leader of the police Rivne region Valery Servetnyk. - Collective unit, though young, but battle - said Police Lt. Valery Servetnyk. - In general, worked properly. The district was skoyeand registered but one fact of murder, grievous bodily harm, willful grievous bodily harm, causing death. In addition, one committed robbery and hooliganism. The Unified Register of pre-trial investigations included information about illegal handling of firearms and uncovered illegalthe use of public funds. All these criminal offenses disclosed and persons reported suspicions of crimes. During the first quarter revealed seven crimes related to drug trafficking. As noted Vladimir Holubosh, in the team there are drawbacks, including 121 registered with theft, including a summer arrays, Disclosed only 48. Also in the area committed a series of thefts of oil from transformer substations, no fact not disclosed. Therefore, the work in this direction zasluhovuvatymutsya in early May. Also, police colonel said to intensify work in the fight against illicit distilling and selling alcohol in towns raion. The main thing in the work of law enforcement officers - is not only the numbers in the report, but public confidence in the police, who are always ready to help. - Analyzing the progression of the police station, I want to note that for best results you need to ensure planovist work, quality and timeliness of orders, track changes in legislation, theSTART interact with services and to help each other - said curator Oleg Haiduk police station. Maria YUSTYTSKA, Rivne District Police Ukraine in Rivne region