Zhytomyr rescuers eliminated 2 fire-related debris ignition and useless things

February 11 at 18:41 to the rescue by calling « 101 » received a report of a fire in the stairwell 3rd floor 9-storey house on the street. Schorsa, 159 in Zhitomir. How can ’ it turned out, on the third floor indoorsand general use, drying, burning old things - different stuff, the place where the apartment was found. Through the efforts of the two branches rescuers 1st State Fire and Rescue of Zhitomir at 19:10 the fire extinguished. No one is hurt. According to preliminary information, the fire could occur due to careless handling of fire citizenscarelessly thrown cigarette butt someone. The ultimate cause of the fire is under investigation. The fire destroyed in fact, only garbage, and therefore no damage caused. However, such a fire, especially when they occur at night, are dangerous because within minutes unfit for respiration environment may be residents of the upper floors where the smoke. A phenomenon byharaschenosti basements, stairwells, balconies various unnecessary things in everyday life is becoming more common. In the event of an emergency, rescuers will be difficult to get to the apartment and evacuate casualties. Similarly, most citizens in the event of a fire due to high smoke in ’ ride alone is difficult to quick startco burning house to leave the room if the path to salvation will clutter things - warn rescuers. &Laquo; Residents of apartment blocks recommend clutter in ’ drive, balconies and staircases, and public utilities and the chief condominiums always follow this, – emphasizes Deputy Head of Ukraine DSNSin Zhytomyr region on state supervision and control Oleg fraudster. &Ndash; If there is a house fire, evacuation of people carried the stairs instead of the elevator. In-rise above 26.5 meters, 10 floors above that, by regulations, must be smoke system, fire alarm system, fire hydrants. Therehouses built in 16. A fire protection in them - poor & raquo ;. An hour rescue that same 1st part had to go back to the challenge. For Victory Street, 4/2 happened fire plastic bins and metal trailer size 3 × 2. In a fire destroyed household goods, NEPskodzheno container. In order to prevent similar cases, rescuers constantly emphasize the need to be careful with the use of open flames in the home and not throw cigarette butts which pleases. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region

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