The fate of the railway hospital need not decide in Chernihiv

formed in Chernihiv optimal network of medical facilities capable of providing quality medical care to residents of the city. This emphasis in Healthcare Management City Council. - Maintenance of medical areas of the city government subvention is only 192 million. in real needat least 235 mln. In fact, these liabilities, and settlements for energy and other essential costs are borne entirely on the city budget. So take the balance of the railway hospital, which was unnecessary state, the city has no real need or financial opportunity - says the city council secretary Vladislav Cook situation to further USDHospital and nodal stations Chernihiv, owned by South-Western Railway. It is not known what criteria guided rail when converting to Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrainian Railways", taking its share capital to several hospitals in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Donetsk. However, Chernihiv railwayat the hospital was unnecessary. And if we talk about who is concerned about her troubles, the Chernihiv City Council has, as they say, beat all the bells. - We have written many letters to the central government - and I, and the mayor and his deputy Viktor Bystrov, who heads finupravlinnya - says W. Cook. Instead, the management Ukrzaliznynone of these appeal to the hospital and still no! It seems that institution with the team just cast adrift. In addition, it became clear to Chernihiv State Railway hospital owed since last year. In late January, during a conference call with the heads of the healthcare industry Vice Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko inpromised in the three months to register a mechanism for the implementation of legislative changes in the financing of health care. Already ends early April, and no clarification there. - The city can not risk it as the current health care system and take on additional burdens in terms of fiscal austerity, - the secrethe City Council. Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, in whose jurisdiction currently applies nodal stations Chernihiv hospital, ignores the fact that the institution to transfer the balance of the first city to be eliminated establishment and release all of its employees. Are you ready for this team, which is already without pay from the beginning of the year? Surprisingly,but repeated proposals of State Scientific Testing Center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who is stationed in Chernigov, take the hospital in his submission tomorrow and pay salaries to doctors and staff chief physician Gregory Demchenko silent ... Department of Public Relations of the City Council