Ivano-Frankivsk rescuers to help the population at home

April 8 at 13:56 h. needed help rescue the residents of one of the residential apartments on the street Vovchynetska the regional center. They closed the door to the apartment where the four left alone girl. Employees Fire and Rescue Service ofand using fire ladders over the balcony on the second floor and entered the apartment opened the door from the inside. The child was located in good condition. April 8 at 15:17 h. Ivano-Frankivsk street Dovzhenko rescuers helped by opening the front door of residential apartments, a patient whose owners – 64-year-old – fell and could not let alone to house doctors. Employees Fire and Rescue Service using benzoriza opened the door and lifted the victim from the floor to the bed. Doctors examined the man, but he refused hospitalization. Management DSNS in

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/