In Lviv Museum of the History of Religion voted monument Sheptytskyi

Yesterday, April 8, local museums gathered in Lviv Museum of the History of Religion at the meeting with the designer of the monument Metropolitan Andriy architect Igor Kuzmakom and head of the UGCC sacred commission. Sevastyanom Dmytrukh. About reconstructionSt. area. George with the construction of city ’ Metropolitan Andriy Monument to commemorate its 150th anniversary of the birth of the meeting and spoke o.Sevastyan architect Kuzmak. The audience was shown on the screen visuals design and color brochures distributed in memory of familiarization with the project. Although some of those present expressionovlyuvav questioned the appropriateness of implementing such an expensive project in the military difficulties, museum workers generally lively interest in the detailed nuances sculptures of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky and the location of the future city ’ Monument. Replied one of the lobbyists Project – -esque head of Lviv Mr. Stephen Davymuka: « dopytuyetesya Why do you look like figure back? It is not important when it comes to image cleric! & Raquo ;. Architect Igor Kuzmak explained that Andrei Koverka sculpture, made in 1930 years in the cast will be cast in bronze, mounted on granite stylobate and symbolically oriented to the southeast. By the way, he Arctic Oceanyou, the project received approval from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and implement landscaping to establish the city ’ Monument not of Capital Construction of Lviv City Council, because it is bankrupt, and the Curia Lviv Archeparchy of the UGCC. Since, according to the designers, the most destructive element area is roadThen provides a radical reconstruction planning structure and area of ??the square on it and transfer route in buildings OU & ??laquo; Lviv Polytechnic & raquo ;. Thus the existing park Igor Kuzmak treated as abandoned and extremely unsanitary place infected mushrooms: « there children walking that affect all of the hands, and thoseown hands take a sandwich to eat! & raquo ;, – worried architect. The discussion was attended by the project director of the Lviv Museum of the History of Religion Malyts Orestes, his deputy Star Bilyk and other museum staff. While supposedly present director of the Museum of Ethnography and Crafts Roman Chmelyk said that no one sumsniviv that Metropolitan Sheptytsky deserves deep respect and the establishment of city ’ Monument is the 150th anniversary of his birth. Also Chmelyk Roman said that there are no precautions regarding memory allocation ’ Monument on the reconstructed area, the more that is not spent public funds. However, the last statement wouldulo refuted publication of non-compliance, which imposes certain restrictions for such a project. This law offense committed Lviv City Council, which approved its rulings extraction of square construction of the road. And the historic Square seized from the list gardens Galician region, despite existwhose moratorium on changing purpose of recreational land and breaking the law on the protection against ’ objects flora listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. Social activist Victoria Garden informed the museum staff and the failure of the law during the approval of the project land for land allocation andbreach of lease of the land on which the park is located. And schonayvazhlyvishe – abuse conservation status of the historical city ’ of interest from the List of World Heritage Sites. However, this does not inform affected conscience museum staff and the results of voting that he made in support of Stephen Davieflour to complete assembly. &Laquo; We are all for the city ’ Monument, against only Garden. But I've never been, is not and will not be a slave – and record the minutes! & raquo ;, – stubbornly insisted Lviv Historical Museum director Bohdan Tchaikovsky voting with colleagues proposed renovation project area and install it on the city ’ Monument. Told