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In Khmelnytsky trained rescuers eliminate conditional wildfire

April 8 in the territory Netishynskoho Forestry Enterprise « Slavutsko Forestry » held tactical exercises with conventional fire extinguishing in the woods. The exercise was attended promptly and rescue unit of the 3rd State Fire and Rescue Unit the MainDSNS governance in Ukraine Khmelnytsky oblast administration and fire the formation of the company. According to the tactical plan, due to careless handling of fire ignition tourists appeared dry grass, followed by its spread to forest. On arrival the fire area fire departments was 1 ha. Thanks tolive joint efforts, including paved perimeter mineralized zone, rescuers have successfully eliminated the fire. During training employees DSNS and forestry managed to demonstrate coordination actions and willingness to fight forest fires, so exercise goal was achieved. 3 State Fire and Rescue Squad PG DSNS Engayiny in Khmelnytsky region