Ternopil region, selected four rural councils in Kozova and Buchachsky region to participate in the economic component of the third phase of the EU / UNDP project "Local Development CBA"

A meeting with department heads RSA, head of external relations and promoting the region executive office Ternopil OblastTaras Boruka th Council, representatives of UNDP office "Local Development CBA" (CBA) in the region. The meeting reviewed the progress in implementation of the project and Buchach Kozova areas and summarized the results of the project in the first and second phases. It was also considered proposals village councils Kozova 4 and 3 silskyh councils Buchatsky areas. According to rating points, the meeting identified the winners. In Kozivschyni they were - Kozlivska Tsenivska and village councils, and Dybschensku Kalnensku attributed to reserve for Buchachchyni - Kosmyrenska and Pidzamochkivska, Sokolovsky - in reserve. By the way, using their existing experience samoorhation, CBA-III offers low-income households with their assistance pilot areas in - Association in agricultural service cooperatives - Capital accumulation, - Obtaining the necessary knowledge, - The implementation of a number of economic activities related to the production, processing, marketing and service delivery. It is important that the grant MRIG can be up to 70% of a micro (but not more than 25 000 dollars for one cooperative in UAH equivalent). The contribution of the community should not be less than 15%. The remaining funds must come from sponsors or, if possible, from local budgets. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil Regional Council