Drivers are increasingly taking advantage Yevroprotokolu

If No traffic accident victims, the parties reached an agreement, in which case they accidents can apply without waiting for the State Employees. On the eve, Lutsk, about 17.00 hours, the car FiatDukato, leaving the street Vynnychenka with adjacent toStepan Bandera Street, failure to comply with safe distance, and caught parked GAZ-53. At the scene quickly moved employees The State of the city. However, victims at the scene did not was, and drivers have come to a common agreement, therefore, agreed to issue by accident Yevroprotokolu. In recent years, drivers have started more Useaside solely for this procedure because it significantly saves time. An important the fact that speaks in favor Yevroprotokolu, is that when using "Reporting the accident" accident participants have the right report the incident to the police to leave their own place of its commission and at This shall be exempt from administrative responsibleresponsibility. In order to place your document, drivers must observe a few mandatory conditions: - Participants the accident must have insurance policies civil responsibility; - Missing and injured dead people; - Both participants of the accident agreeable Yevroprotokolu. -drivers no signs of alcohol or drugs. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region