In Vinnytsia military school pupils had lesson of patriotism participants ATU

policemen introduced pupils Tulchinsky military boarding lyceum with samples of modern weapons, explosives and shared memories of service in the area of ??counter-terrorism operations. Special unit police "Vinnitsa" and "Falcon", the expert youbuhotehnichnoyi service instructors and training center for police conducted Lyceum pupils, some of whom are children deprived of parental care, workshops on handling of weapons and ammunition. Adolescents acquainted with the rules of safe behavior in case of explosive devices, shared the specifics of their pidrozdiLiv. The police described the service in the eastern regions of checkpoints, arrest criminals, care in a combat zone, including the rescue of refugees from the village of Trinity in the Luhansk region, which was under heavy enemy shelling. The deputy commander of the battalion "Vinnitsa" Ruslan Gurnyak, talking with children said that young people of Heavenof great fortune Ukraine and in the future they will be worthy defenders change the current state. Lyceum students learned about the various weapons used by police officers in the area of ??ATO, they had the opportunity to learn assembly and disassembly Makarov pistol and an AK-47. - It was very interesting to learn about the weapons and meet with people who are proschayut Ukraine - says Pauline Chukhno Lyceum pupil. - Now the east is husband of my sister, I also chose a military career because sincerely admire our defense. Director Nicholas Lyceum Hlivnyuk convinced that these measures enable pupils to become better acquainted with the profession of law enforcement and educate future generationstrue patriots Ukraine. According to the Head of staffing Inna Stakhovsky such meetings with police allow many teenagers to choose future profession, educate children to respect the law and the people who protect law and order in the state. So these educational classes scheduled for alleducation area. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnitsa region