Vinnytchina Valery Cow visited the JSC "Bar Machine-Building Plant" (+ photos)

Being a working visit to Bar area, April 8, RSA chairman Valery Cow with Acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunov visited one of the leading district - JSC "Bar engineering plant." Predpryyemstvo oriented manufacturing boilers. Yes, only in January and February of this year, the plant produced nearly 4 125 gas, solid 125 and 176 electric boilers. According to the chairman of the Society of Elijah Luke, the company competes in the market and the cost of production (compared with imports, Bar boilers three times cheaper) and SARezpechennyam 3-year warranty equipment, and organized system of its service. In addition, the plant produces more than 50 types of equipment for various industries, as well as developing new facilities and modernizing existing ones. Company exports its products to Uzbekistan, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova,Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Spain. Basically this equipment and spare parts for the confectionery industry. RSA chairman Valery Cow and acting Vinnytsia Mayor Sergei Morgunov acquainted with the work of the plant, examining production capacity and production company. "We are positively impressed by the organization of workand at Bar engineering plant - commented Activity Managers Vinnitsa region Valery cow. - The success here lies in several components: absolutely effective management, conservation of highly skilled workers and external conditions are created primarily - diversification of production in solid fuel boilers. This specializationtion now gives appropriate effect. " The head of the region also said that after the recent visit of Chairman of the Board of the plant in Poland, the company is preparing a joint developments with Polish partners, which undoubtedly will have a positive impact on its development and competitiveness. His impressions of shared production and acting Vinnitsa cityChairman Sergey Morgunov. "Most importantly, we have a local domestic producers who can offer energy efficiency programs for their equipment. It is equally important that the problems in the past year on the operation of boilers manufactured at the plant actually no established effective service staff in the region. So I think that really is Laneprospects of in order to use this equipment in our facilities in energy efficiency programs, "- said Sergey Morgunov. The effectiveness of such cooperation confirmed the Bar district administration head Vladimir Savolyuk. He said that last year in conjunction with the engineering enterprise in the area, in order to replace natural gas converted4 heating points. In addition, for some social objects purchased boilers are installed. "In the same year by working with Misters Machinery Plant, we plan to convert to alternative fuels all the social institutions that are located in rural areas. Then we will work in the city bar, but with pelletboilers that the company plans to start production, "- said the head of RSA. In the context of energy efficiency Cow head of the region Valery said that due to the realized Vinnichchine of measures for transition to alternative fuels savings for public sector amounted to almost 50 million. UAH. This practice notein RSA chairman, will continue in the future. Thus, the resolution of the Regional Council, which took place recently in the framework of energy be allocated for the purchase of solid fuel boilers for public institutions financed from the regional budget. Pending the region and the target subvention from the state budget for implementationmoves energy efficiency. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration