Vinnichane spent the last road warrior battalion "Donbass" - Roman Melnychuk (+ photos)

In the winery, said goodbye to the hero-countryman Roman Melnychuk. Patriot their homeland, which took place from 2009-2010, military service as sergeant corvette "Vinnitsa" went to the East volunteer September 20, 2014. National Guard reservists Matyschav integrity as part of the battalion "Donbass". Life clone Engineer platoon ended 25 s.Lohvinovo, near Donetsk region. He counted those who died on February 12, but the body was found. Recently a person able to identify the results of a comprehensive commission molecular genetic examination. Relatives, friends, battleand cousins, hundreds vinnichan, government officials, including RSA chairman Valery Cow, Head of the Regional Council Sergey scrolls and Acting Mayor, City Council Secretary Sergei Morgunov gave their last respects defender in Ukraine Officers. Hero is buried in the local cemetery in the village. Pyrohovo. Eternal memory defender! Eternal Glorya Hero! This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration