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for her credentials to acting chief of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopil region mantis AM received an open letter of appeal of NGO Self Defense Square Ternopil. The appeal states that the union activists from sources close to the police, it was reported that on 16 February at the premises of the Regional Prosecutor's Office heldmeeting deputy regional prosecutor and some leaders of the regional police. Participants of the meeting allegedly discussed the issue of provocation against members of Self Defense Square Ternopil to discredit the organization, prosecution and "isolation" of its activists. The police in Ternopil Ukraineregion officially states that this information is incorrect. The heads of regional police did not participate in any meetings with other area law enforcement agencies and did not discuss the issue of NGO activists Self Defense Square Ternopil. Law enforcement officers do not have any pressure on samooboronivtsiv and not interfere with the activities of Mr.romadskoyi organization. We note that the police are working closely with activists Self Defense Square Ternopil region in terms of public order in Ternopil region and district centers. Representatives of NGO Self Defense Ternopil Square outside the Public Council, acting at the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In the actions of law enforcementix Affairs adhere to a common position - principles of justice and act only within the current legislation. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region