Chernivtsi region, one of the fires that occurred, killing 2 people

During the last day in Chernivtsi region there were 3 fires, 2 of which occurred in Khotyn area. Yes, April 8 hotels Hawtin in trans. Suvorov was a fire in a building. At the time of its occurrence in the house were two people, a man born in 1978 and she in 1985was born. They went to bed, but after a while the man woke up, he felt the smell of smoke in the room. He tried to eliminate its own fire, but the smoke inhaled man fainted. A friend who came to visit the man found his wife and has no signs of life. Rescuers State Fire and Rescue unit number 7, whicharrived on the scene, eliminated the threat. The fire destroyed bedding. The preliminary cause of fire was careless use of fire while smoking. The bodies of the victims were sent for forensic examination in Chernivtsi to establish the cause of death. On the same day another fire in Khotyn area occurred in the village of Raska. The fire wascovered outbuildings local resident. Rescuers city Hawtin and local fire brigade Rukshyn village were sent to the location of the call. Spread of fire facilitated by the fact that the building preserved wood. There was also a danger of tipping is located next to the fire house. Firefighters brought the fire not allow of furtherOn the spread of fire, which prevented the destruction of 2 buildings. There were no injuries. April 8 in Chernivtsi Street. Zavodskiy dry grass fire occurred in an open area. Rescuers State Fire and Rescue unit number 3 regional center eliminated the fire. Grass fire destroyed an area of ??3 hectares. Since the beginning of the year in Chernivtsiand there have been 247 fires area in which prematurely ended the life of 17 Bukovina. Another 4 countryman were injured. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region appeals to citizens, city ’ Note that compliance with fire regulations – guarantee of your safety! Compliance with safety rules do not require any super, but this can be due tosave their own lives and health ’ i. Pam ’ Note that the fire easier to prevent than to eliminate its consequences. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region