In Chernivtsi region rescuers MRC conducted a comprehensive study of search and rescue operations in urban environments

summer 2014 rescue of the State Enterprise “ Mobile Rescue Centre ” DSNS Ukraine after years of fruitful training successfully passed the certification system INSARAH. By joining the International Daysoradchoyi Advisory Group of the United Nations search and rescue operations in urban environments rescuers MRC constantly improving their skills and practice to respond quickly to emergencies both in Ukraine and abroad. April 8 to test the readiness to perform assigned tasks chief of Mobile ryatuvalnohDSNS center of Ukraine Serhiy Lavrynenko a complex learning units SE MRC. Yes, MRC launched a rescue coordination center field (OSOCC), which support the work carried out in accordance with the requirements of the International Advisory Group of the United Nations search and rescue operations in urban environments (INSARAH). Done inspection personnelth, equipment and engineering units to the center of readiness for tasks: Staff; emergency departments; detachment of special diving operations; special unit of work; logistics divisions; organized deployment of mobile hospital SE MRC. &Ldquo; Since the objectives of personnel handleperatyvno. Such training we are constantly out to rescue actions during liquidation are true emergencies. This greatly enhances the skills and ability to respond quickly at all times & rdquo ;, - said the head of Mobile Rescue Center DSNS Ukraine Sergey Lavrynenko. Reference In 2009, DP was for MRCINSARAH registered online. In 2011, submitted an application for certification of international search and rescue teams DP MRC in the system. Over the entire period, a series of exercises to train highly qualified experts in the field of search and rescue operations in urban environments, developed the script passing the certification. SE MRC staff wereparticipation in training courses for experts in paragraph send and receive commands and field coordination center. Passing certification leading to improved aid effectiveness in international rescue and search and rescue operations and readiness to respond to national and international levels. Bidteper SE MRC team will participate in the international search and rescue operations. Press office DSNS Ukraine