We have one single Ukraine and I love her so much (+ photos)

Yes outlined his citizenship at a meeting with the media Bukovina interim Duty ’ yazky Chief of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region Sergey Pilgrim. Root donechchanyn that his official biography in a difficult political situation ConfirmSee devotion Ukrainian state, expressed willingness to cooperate with the media, with a view to enhance public confidence in the police. &Laquo; With your help I will do » &Mdash; official assured journalists. Officer's biography Piligrim Sergey was born on July 2, 1962 in the city of Donetsk region Shakhtarsk.In the internal affairs is from 1986. He worked his way from an ordinary policeman to the Chief Directorate for Combating Organized Crime Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Poltava region. In December 2011, retired. But the situation in the country has forced Sergey Viktorovich back to the police. &Mdash; I unhesitatingly decided: Rubbno defend their homeland. So in March 2014 resumed the service. He worked as a Deputy – Head of Criminal Police Research Affairs of Ukraine in Donetsk region. By November 2014 the first in the area served ATO, later headed the traffic police Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Currently appointed Acting Head of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Czernyetskiy area. Priorities in the 1. First place — personal security question. Each resident or guest area should feel safe. 2. Crime. Everyone who commits a crime should be understood: it will be punished according to the laws of Ukraine. 3. The fight against corruption in all its forms and manifestations, hubrnytstvo, abuse of power or position, theft budget – State property, legalization of funds received crime. 4. The fight against drug crime. 5. Strengthening confidence in the police. Reference During the first quarter of 2015 in the field of criminal offenses recorded in 2798, including 856 rdzhkyh and heinous. This list — 7 murders (all series), 5 grievous bodily harm (all series), 6 robberies (5 series), 36 robberies (20 solved), 23 illegal zavolodin vehicles (series 15). In the area of ??economic crime recorded 240 malfeasance, 151 of which related ’ associated with official grew upoblennyam. Since the beginning of recorded 270 crimes in the public sector — 30% more than last year. 3 registered criminal cases where violations of more than one million. Exposed 83 criminal offenses related ’ associated with drug trafficking, 69 cases of illegal arms trafficking. There are 2 organized crime groups, oneincluding transnational communications ’ links. S.Pilihrim is convinced that the coordinated work of all services Police Department and territorial departments, in cooperation with journalists, the public will be executed task that confronts law enforcement authorities state leadership. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in UGAI Czernyetskiy area

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