Rivne region in PrivatBank work poshtomaty

branches in the Rivne region Privat earned a new convenient service - "Poshtomat." Now your customers can pick up parcels directly at the Privat area. The first devices installed in the offices of the regional center for ul.Kievskaya, 21 (Polyton TC) and on the street. Hrushevskykoho 42A. "Poshtomat" - a courier service department in miniature. The client executes orders online store and says Privatbank office address where to deliver the parcel. On arrival parcel arrives to phone SMS-message, and you can go and receive orders in a convenient location. To receive and pay forSilk, the client must have a phone and any card Privat. Menu to choose self-service terminal authentication option (with or without card), enter your mobile phone number that zaznachavsya at the time of delivery, and get on the phone with SMS one-time password. After entering the password screen CCA z'yavytsya information on the cost of delivery and parcel itself. Customer reviews all data and pay package using the standard procedure of payment card Privat. The next step - you will see a number of the sending cell poshtomata clicking on which the client can open the same cell and take orders. In Privat availableany parcel delivered through courier services "New Post", "Bridge Express" and "In-Time". Network poshtomativ in PrivatBank started working in 2014 Currently installed over 700 devices. In 2015 r.proektom provides network development to 1300 terminals for parcels and plan of issuing 1 million parcels a month, didShea it the largest in Eastern Europe. Soon pochtomaty will be opened in all major branches Privat. Find the closest you can link poshtomat - pb.ua/map/

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/