Ivano-Frankivsk children must follow traffic rules

To prevent accidents and injury to children on the road Carpathian State car once again reminds the safety rules of the road with their mandatory compliance. Children should: - Move on sidewalks and footpaths, right prytrymuyuchyssecond hand; - Outside the settlements, or moving along on the edge of the roadway, to meet traffic; - Move the roadway only pedestrian crossings, including ground and surface, and in their absence - at intersections along the lines of sidewalks or roadsides; - In places with controlled movement guided only alertAlamo controller or a traffic light; - Enter the roadway from vehicles making sure that no other vehicles are approaching; - Wait for the vehicle only on the landing grounds (stops), sidewalks, curb, without interfering with traffic; - Should the vehicle with the included itemroblyskovym beacon red or blue, or special sound signal should refrain from going over the roadway immediately or leave it; - Is strictly forbidden to run out on the roadway, hold on it or near it games, go out of the roadway crosswalk; - On the road road bike movesypedi can only children who reach 16 years of age; - For driving on other media (skateboard, scooter, roller skates, etc.) should choose a place in the playground and al., Leave the roadway is prohibited; - To be near the tracks unaccompanied children is prohibited. Dear parents! Nurture children safely cultural skillssecond behavior, showing by example caution in dealing with fire, gas, water, household cleaning products, medicines. Select a few minutes for a frank conversation with children. Remember those moments measured the cost of living. And that is not unexpected moment was the beginning of great hardship - you need to give children a clear knowledge and skills to act in a particular sieveuatsiyi. Remember that the lives of our children depends on us! Please do not leave children unattended! SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/