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As calculated by the energy Ternopil

in January-March 2015 consumer area uses natural gas worth 322.6 million. UAH paid - 323.6 million. UAH or 100.3%. Over the same period of 2014 - 98.9%. This was announced by Director of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism RSA BaVasyl Yasinovskyi. "Among the institutions and organizations financed from local budgets, the largest debt for natural gas (including previous years) have Ternopil - 5.9 Million; Podvolochisskiy - 2.8 Million; Kremenetskiy - 2.4 mln. Borshchiv - 1.4 Million areas - said Vasily Andriyovych.- Hazopostachalnymy held companies in the region corresponding claim work to repay the debt. During January-March 2015 enterprises municipal power region consumed 31.5 million. Cu. meters of natural gas worth USD 84.6 million, paid - 63,2 million USD, the level of payments to the gas supply companies is 74,8% (including March 2015 -126.4%). Debt communal area power system (including debts of previous years) for natural gas used as of April 1, 2015 is 84.4 million USD including by: KP "Ternopilmiskteplokomunenerho" - 71.9 million USD (including before NAK " Naftogaz of Ukraine"- 70,6 million USD; PJSC "Ternopilmiskhaz" -1.3 million USD); KP TOP "Ternopilteplokomunenerho" - 12.4 million USD (including before "Naftogaz Ukraine" - 12.1 million USD; PJSC "Ternopilhaz" - 310 thousand. USD). Amounts due to the difference in tariffs for heat energy produced, transported and supplied to the population and youfaint due to mismatch the actual cost of thermal energy tariffs that were approved or agreed by the relevant state or local government, as of March 1, 2015 the enterprises of municipal power region (current data) is 10.8 million hryvnia, Including CE "Ternopilmiskteplokomunenerho "- 8.9 million USD; KP TOP "Ternopilteplokomunenerho" - 1.9 million. "In January-March 2015 consumer area uses heat energy to the amount of 130.9 million. UAH 93.3 million paid. UAH or 71.2% (for the same period in 2014 - 87.7%) - said Vasily A. . - As for electricity since the beginningin the year in electricity consumed in the amount of USD 276.7 million, paid for by consumers - 273.5 million USD, interest payments -98.8% (in the same period in 2014 - 98.1%). It should be noted insufficient level calculations and large debts for consumed energy housing and communal services - 83.9%. In particularMA, ME "Ternopilvodokanal" as of April 1, 2015 owes OJSC "Ternopiloblenergo" 6.6 million USD, including the current year - 1 Million. " According to Basil Yasinovskyi in the process of having a problem mezzanine financing subsidies from the state budget, which take into account the seasonality of consumption of energy for institutions SALTgo and healthcare. So in March of this year, the Department held two meetings on ensuring payments for consumed energy budget institutions and organizations of the region. As a result of meetings of the Department of Health, Education and Science Regional State Administration and the calculation provided in the relevant Ministrytion changes to monthly dispersing subsidies for 2015. In addition, the state of payments for consumed energy discussed March 19 at the meeting of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration