Georgian reformer Ilo Hlonti became an adviser to Mayor Sergei Ternopil Gave

former Assistant to the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili, the Georgian reformer and renowned expert who composed the Georgian team is working on implementing reforms in Ukraine Ilo Hlonti officially became an adviser to Mayor Sergei Ternopil future. The corresponding Crucifixionoryadzhennya was signed on 8 April. &Laquo; I have the pleasure to introduce you Ilo Hlonti as adviser to the mayor of Ternopil on reform and investment promotion. Together we start another project in « Institute of Public Advisor to the Mayor & raquo ;, which actually started Ilo Hlonti - says Sergey future. &Ndash;The experience of Georgia in terms of attracting investment and reform is invaluable, and we will try in this difficult time together to develop domestic investment and attract foreign investors to urban projects & raquo ;. Ilo Hlonti grateful to the Mayor for the trust and says that soon will try to provide the public the first cutultaty its activities as advisor. He noted that currently works with all cities and regions of Ukraine only Ternopil. &Laquo; probably many wondering why Ternopil? - Asks Ilo Hlonti. &Ndash; I think that this is a city that is most ready to change to new ideas. Most importantly, our foreign counterparts Evaluationyuyut investment potential of the city at a high level and significant factor is the support of local authorities, which is important for me and for potential investors & raquo ;. By the way, the first meeting Mayor Sergei Gave Georgian reformer and Ilo Hlonti took place less than a week ago. However, this time the two sides discussed the possibility of impletion in a number of both long-term and short-term projects. To add Ilo Hlonti, with such a fast pace and made Georgian reforms. Georgian reformer will work on a voluntary basis. Reference: Ilo Hlonti – Georgian politician, reformer, former advisor to the President of Georgia Michael Saakashvili attended the reformer Kahs Bendukidze. Already n ’ Five months working with a group of Georgian reformers on reform in several ministries of Ukraine. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council

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