Ternopil region, eliminated two fires

April 7 at 13:06 to the Rescue received a report of a fire in dry grass open area in the village Vyshnivchyk, Terebovlia area. The fire destroyed the dry grass in the area of ??800 sq. M. The cause of the fire is under investigation. The fire was extinguished nextguards, local fire brigade village plunger. April 7 at 13:49 on fire outbuildings in the village Terpylivka Pidvolochysky area. The fire destroyed the ceiling and the roof of the building on an area of ??40 square meters, household tools, doors, 150 bales of straw damaged wall covering. The likely cause of the fire – violation of fire safety in the operation of furnace heating. Direct material damage is 10 thousand. The fire was extinguished another guard 20th state of the Fire and Rescue Department, during the fighting have been rescued 2 buildings, total wealth estimated at $ 60 thousand.

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/