Chernihiv: Mayor: we expect the merits

Desnyanskogo District Court Ruling in. Chernihiv to suspend the decision of the executive committee to raise fares in public transport is to be performed. This comment gave Mayor Alexander Sokolov Chernihiv reporters. "We carry all costs ofprocedures and we expect the merits "- said O.Sokolov. He also noted that the trial could take place before. The mayor hopes that this time involving lawyers City Council. As explained to journalists, First Deputy Mayor Nicholas Mirgorodsky, yesterday sent a letter to the Department of Transport and CommunicationsChernihiv City Council with notice of the judgment and the obligation of carriers to return to the previous price. "All carriers must implement the decisions and work in the legal field," - said M. Mirgorodsky. He added that lawyers challenge the decision of the City Council Desnyanskogo district court in Kiev Court of Appeal. 6April Desnyanskiy District Court. Chernihiv suspended the decision of the Executive Committee of the City Council to raise fares on public transport. March 30 executive committee Chernihiv City Council at a special meeting decided to increase from April 2 single cost travel trolley from 1.5 USD. 2 grn., on buses - 2.5 USD. 3.5 USD. The reason for the revision of fares was the rise in fuel and lubricants, spare parts, electricity and so on. Irina Synelnyk