Passed away spokesman Health Department Elena Goncharuk Lviv Lviv

on the 57th, due to a serious illness passed away long spokesman for the Department of Health (now Department) Lviv Regional State Administration, a talented editor Helen Goncharuk. Farewell tomorrow, April 9, in the chapel on the street. Bakingthe second, 52 from 10.00 to 11.00. Elena Goncharuk during a press conference. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK Elena Goncharuk was not only true professionals, intellectuals, but also sensitive man who always come to the rescue actively involved in promoting healthy lifestyles, cheered on the development of the healthcare industry in Lviv region. Col.ehy medical journalists and city ’ yatayut Elena Goncharuk light, smiling man who always knew how to cheer others, respond promptly to requests from the media – was an expert with a capital letter. Deputy Chief of Health Lviv Regional State Administration Irina Mykychak shared her memories of Mrs. Alene. &Laquo; I worked with Elena Goncharuk to manage ten years. Helen was very bright, friendly and open person who always tried to understand the problems of medicine. If someone does not know what she journalist by profession, it's probably not right away and would have understood that this person has no medical training & raquo ;, – Irina told Mykychak. She addsla that despite the long illness, Elena Goncharuk was energetic, mobile. Being virtually bedridden, she continued to work at home computer ’ s memory. &Laquo; It honestly doing their job. We are counted from its point of view. I do not think there is a chief doctor in the area who would not know Elena Goncharuk, it is alwaysand could suggest to organize a press conference & raquo ;, – Irina Mykychak added. Media Holding ZIK expresses sincere condolences to the relatives Helena. Eternal memory to it ’ Five. Told