Khmelnytsky region, rescuers carry fire-prevention working residential sector in order to prevent fires

already started spring-summer fire period, so the risk of fire in ecosystems and living areas is growing. Most fires in dwellings to lead countryman violations treatmentFire and operation of electrical equipment and in open areas with dry vegetation burned. In order to prevent fires in the living areas, reducing the loss of life and minimize the negative consequences of emergencies, fire-prevention held mining towns in the districts. At the villagevillage heads and asset rescuers home visit elderly and families with many children, Rose ’ yasnyuyut the rules of fire safety in the home and hand city ’ interest. Also constantly held briefings and discussions on topics fire, the need to be vigilant when using open flames, gas equipment and electroryladiv. The result of this work was the realization practicing in 343 towns, bringing in proper fire of 214 residential houses single elderly citizens, large families, unreliable individuals and people who are registered as social security. The amount of money that is dedicated to bringing residencesin fire safety status of more than 45 thousand. UAH. Working together local communities and rescuers in preventing fires and deaths are extremely important, therefore, required ’ Connection of each manager conscientiously treat this case required. Department DSNS recalls that only compliance with fire safety regulations will protectand you and your home from fire. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast

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