The Khmelnytsky oblast staff training facilities - an integral part of life safety

Within the framework of the Code of Civil Protection of Ukraine on practical implementation of objectives and measures to ensure the functioning of the study population actions in emergency situations, including one of its priority components - working Categoriesaselennya the workplace and personnel about ’ yektovyh civil defense forces economic entities emergency actions carried out during working hours in enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as during special about ’ yektovyh exercises and training. The main attention during these exercises (Trngs) paid to the modeling of possible emergencies that may arise in the territory of about ’ object considering its features, interventions to improve the protection of personnel and training facility civil defense forces to act in case of threat or occurrence of accidents and natural disasters. During the training,which is involved in conducting about ’ yektovyh training, improved coordination, efficiency action training and support high availability about ’ yektovyh civil defense forces for tasks and interaction with specialized civil protection. As practice shows, the implementation of modern requirements underpreparation of the working population in emergency action will help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency response, minimize their impact, provide adequate protection for citizens and provide them with appropriate assistance during emergencies, to create conditions for safe life. Since the beginning of the currentlyyear in enterprises, institutions and organizations of the region held about 589 special ’ yektovyh Exercises. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast

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