In Transcarpathia derzhohorontsi jewelry store robber arrested

in Uzhgorod Last Sunday, around midnight, the attacker got into a jewelry store. With him he had pliers for cutting metal and a special unit to monitor police radio use. But it did not help him ... Vidzhavshy window glass and damaging internalPlay robber entered the room. The house is protected by GSO, so police received an alarm signal received at the remote central monitoring. Attire GEO was nearby, so for the moment arrived on the scene. Thief was "handed" in the time of the crime. In the detained police found a device that sucksezhuye radio waves. This allows the thief to track negotiations planned arrival and derzhohorontsiv. He also had tools for cutting metal. - The attacker tried to resist workers SSS - commented on the event Andrew Litovchenko, Head UDSO at MIA Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. - They found 30-year-old unemployed resident of a villageyl Uzhgorod district, previously convicted of similar crimes. At one time people spent more than 7 years in prison for similar crimes. Arrived on the scene investigative team Uzhgorod Gorotdel police. In this incident started criminal proceedings. Workers jewelry store thank police protection. A Valuer "SEelirky "Marina Miller warns:" Our jewelry store under heavy guard SSS! " UDSO at MIA Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/