Luciana said goodbye to Heroes

In our city there was a farewell to fallen soldier George Chuchalinym. He died April 3 near Avdeevka Donetsk region. He served in the 81 landing assault brigade. He was mobilized in the Armed Forces of Ukraine bench in August 2014. Priests of Holy Trinity Cathedral, led byMetropolitan and Volyn Lutsk Michael served prayer for the repose of the soul of the deceased. Then the coffin with the body of George Chuchalina carried on Theatre Square, where there was a civilian dead. With the words of sympathy to the family and friends asked Deputy Mayor Taras Yakovlev, who noted that Luciana pays homage to the lost landku, safe, strong and courageous man and father Yuri Chuchalinu. "He was born February 27, 1964 in Tashkent region Chirchik (Uzbekistan). Here and began his military service. Later moved to the city of Lutsk. He found himself in civilian life and led business in the Central Market. When Ukraine came eyelashesin the ranks of the 25th airborne brigade mobilized his eldest son Peter. He also continues to military service and was wounded twice. My father could not watch his fights child, and came aggressor state. He went to defend the country. His experience and profession once saved the life counterparts. However vile and insidious methods of eyelashesHN enemy Hero heart stopped. Yurii is a prime example of the myth dispelled planted enemy of Ukrainian national intolerance. As a Russian by birth, but his father and Ukrainian in spirit, he unhesitatingly, to protect Ukraine, gave the most precious - their lives. It is terrible and painful to see how best sons die countrywhen you see the grief of loved ones. Eternal memory to Heroes "- he said. Taras Yakovlev urged those present to honor the memory of a minute of silence. Expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased and RSA chairman Vladimir Hunchyk, who noted that in Volyn buried three best sons. He said the two will find rest in their native Kivertsiivschyni. "Here we accompany George Chuchalina. Again we bow our heads before the memory of our heroes. These guys are not killed in open battle. The enemy cowardly hit in the back, killing our guys. We understand how difficult family. Instead happy holidays in our family hero comes sorrow and pain. We bow our heads low before Chuchalina family before heOne of all the heroes who died for freedom and independence of Ukraine. In these days before holidays, we pray to the Lord God, that kept the children who continue to defend the country, "- he said. Luciana gathered in the central square of the city, jointly executed National Anthem of Ukraine. George was buried in the cemetery Chuchalina village Usychi Lutsk region. Lucianawell off the road last another participant ATO Dmitry Lutsya. He died tragically while on vacation. Dmitry was born on 7 October 1982, he studied at secondary school 12 Lutsk, trade college, remember where decent, friendly, responsible guy. He then worked as a security guard security firm "Arsenal". He was called up for military service mobilization. Farewell to a soldier memorial service was held in the house. He buried, at the request of parents in the cemetery in the district Vyshkovo. The memory of our famous countrymen who gave their lives for freedom and independence of his native Ukraine, will forever remain in our hearts. Eternal memory to Heroes! RecallLutsk declared a day of mourning in connection with the burial of soldiers. This was reported in Lutsk City Council