Avtozlodiy Volyn five years in prison will hold

man be imprisoned on condition that he spent three years will make the offense. In addition, the thief will pay injured and 19 000 for material and moral damage. A resident of Lutsk stolen cars that got into an accident, just left the court house. First time yom able to avoid liability, and the second time he was detained by police. An attacker penetrated to the interior at night "VAZ", which stood near the dwellings inhabitants of Lutsk. Cars were not equipped with an alarm system, so an attacker without interference stolen vehicles. Ironically, not passed and 200 meters, the car fell into DTP. attacker immediately fled the scene. Lutsk, Volyn Oblast City Court for criminal offenses under ch. 1 and ch. 2, Art. 289 (unlawful appropriation of a vehicle) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, appointed her husband of five years imprisonment with a probation period of three years. In addition, the thief pay claimoterpilym to 19 thousand for losses sustained. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region

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