In Volyn Oblast Prosecutor's Office has made a just punishment for murderers

Dosluhavshys arguments to prosecutors, the Appellate Court sentenced two murderers to life HC ’ yaznennya. As you know Volynyane, October 7, 2014 in Lutsk 61-year-old father and his 39-year-old son killed the caretaker of one of the commercial firms regional center and tried to kill withexploration crime. Attackers, the eldest of whom have been repeatedly convicted of committing crimes selfish, would rob us, but in the way of their intentions became guardian. Junior with criminals shot him with a revolver and then the same revolver struck 35 blows to the head. His accomplice repeatedly struck the victim with a knife in his head soand neck. Stealing from the company TV, mobile phone and video recorder. criminals would escape, but saw that the guard room approaching a man who can see them. In order not to leave the witness of a crime, the father and son attacked him and knocked down and then struck punches and knife. Fortunately, the man managed to escapeI call for help and casual passerby, whom they arrested the killer at the crime scene and transferred into the hands of law enforcement. According to the verdict of Lutsk city district court killers were sentenced in the form of 15 years imprisonment with confiscation of property. Disagreeing with this verdict, prosecutors challenged it in Volyn Appealin order. The Court of Appeal Volyn region zadovolyv appeal prosecutors. So sit killer behind bars for life. In addition, they must pay the family of murdered six hundred thousand non-pecuniary damage. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region