Vinnytchina: strategy development region for the period 2020 discussed with representatives of civil society (+ photos)

In Vinnitsa region officials together with representatives of public and political organizations discussed the strategy of balanced regional development Vinnitsa region until 2020. Discussion modbuvalosya involving First Vice Governor Andrew Gyzhko. On the preparation of the strategic document developed by European standards for a period synchronized with the National Strategy for Regional Development to 2020 and its main provisions in the form of presentation of the participants reported Director of Dsubnational economic development of RSA Alexander Yakubyk. The official said that the aim of balanced regional development strategies Vinnytsia region for the period to 2020 is to improve the quality of life and welfare. According to Alexander Yakubyka according to -2020 Strategy, improving the quality of life and welfare of Binnychchyny should be based on reasonable implementation of structural reforms, increase the competitiveness of the regional economy, the introduction of innovative investment model of sustainable development in the modern technological basis, a comprehensive economic and social development of cities, districts, towns and villages, the development of civil society,maintaining a stable and satisfactory condition of the environment. Director of Economic Development RSA named two fundamental differences from previous strategies - involvement of the public in the development and discussion of the document and preparing plans for its implementation. The main strategic objectives, theozvytku Vinnitsa region for the period until 2020, the following: - Ensuring the territorial integrity of the region; - Diversification of economic structure and development of the field of innovation; - Attracting investment and development of international relations; - Environmental safety area; - Development of social, cultural and tourism sector area; - Development of localth government, fiscal decentralization and intergovernmental relations. Discussion Regional Strategy -2020 occurred in the form of a dialogue. Rapporteur participants had the opportunity to ask questions that they were interested. During the discussion, the first Deputy Governor Andrew Gyzhko said that within a month, to discuss the region submitted toasnoyi Strategy -2020 can be made additions and changes. "We are at the end of April will take all proposals to be worked out in working groups including the Public Council of the State Administration and members of political advisory board. In the month of May, according to the rules, we will present the draft strategy to the session of the Regionalth Council. Only after this session of Regional Council will adopt it as a single document. But I want to emphasize that when defined goal, purpose of the document, then based on them will emerge all the basic applications in, for example, the development of civil society, youth work and support farmers. So, we all comestill a lot of work "- said Andrew Gyzhko. Familiarize yourself with the text "Balanced Regional Development Strategy of Vinnytsia region until 2020" on the site of the regional state administration: This was reported in the winerykiy RSA