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The fate of members of a criminal gang that bezchynstvuvaly in the winery, the court will decide

prosecutor's office carried out a procedural manual in criminal proceedings on suspicion of two people committing criminal offenses under ch. 3 (theft, coupled with the penetration of housing) and ch. 5 ( theft by an organized group) c. 185, p.3 (robbery, combined with penetration into the room) and ch. 4 (robbery aimed at obtaining property on a large scale) Art. 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Established that members of organized criminal groups in the past year did in. Vinnitsa theft of eight apartments and two citizens robbery of the branch exchange and gas station. Thus they areowned property and funds for victims of almost 290 thousand UAH. Currently, the indictment in this criminal proceedings to the court. Another member of an organized group wanted by police. Press service of the prosecution Vinnytsia region