In the Rivne region rescuers and foresters have worked in practice extinguishing a forest fire

Workshop preparedness forestry enterprises Rivne Regional Forestry and Hunting to the fire risk period for the participation of the Main Department of Rivne DSNS held at the GP « Dubenske Forestry & raquo ;. Chief forester forestry Vasily Chebotarev familiarized participants with the work of fire control station CCTV, where in real time, you can monitor the situation in the woods, and, if necessary, quickly and very accurately detect pockets of fire. However,the meeting examined lisopozhezhnu station and fire control room CCTV Smyzkoho Forestry, Fire and arrangement of illustrative campaign on fire theme. At the end of the workshop all the participants demonstrated a practical working locate and extinguish a forest fire involving machinery. ChiefManagement Emergency Response Main Department DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region, Colonel Civil Protection Sergey Pavlovsky said: « In close cooperation with employees and local forest protection units DSNS produced a clear sequence of actions in case of forest fires. Lisohospodarski industry is provided with the necessary equipment and inventory to deal with fire in the forest. In addition, the constant readiness is fire and rescue equipment units GU DSNS for possible involvement in countering threats and respond to emergencies, floor ’ associated with fires in natural ecosystems & raquo ;. Reference: In 2014 there were 42 in Rivne fire from ignition of dry grass, forest fires 4 and 20 peat ’ wooden. In the first quarter of this year there have been 48 cases of dry grass fires in open areas. In 43 cases, the elimination of dry grass fires involved fire and rescue units DSNS. Most fires occurred in the territory of raidssnoho center and Rivne region - 15 cases in the area of ??Dubno – 5 fires and a forest fire. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region