In the Rivne region in a specialized boarding school rescuers spent Civil Protection Day April 7

employees Dubno city district sector PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne Oblast Administration at the invitation of a residential special school for pupils spent the day institution of civil protection. Rescuers Rose ’ yasnyly pedahohichnomu staff and students to the basic rules of fire and technological security procedure in case of emergencies, detect suspicious and explosive devices. Employees of the State Service of the National Assembly have shown short educational videos on civil protection, including the evacuation order on educational institutionsand shelter in the defenses, relevant handed Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu literature and city ’ of interest with the basic rules of life safety. During the practical part of the event rescuers in a sports area teachers and students demonstrated the procedure using fire extinguishers. After that, the staff invited DSNS HQolyariv on a trip to the Fire and Rescue parts. Boarding acquainted with emergency rescue and fire engines, military equipment and technical equipment that soldiers use the State Service of the National Assembly in the aftermath of emergencies, fire, rescue and water in road accidents. Satisfied ekskursiyeyu students thanked rescuers for the interesting and useful information and promised to always comply with the requirements of fire safety and life safety. It should be added that such events rescuers hold in all schools of the district, because it is taking Life Safety Week, which aims to child injury prevention,popularization of knowledge of safety rules in everyday life, a healthy and active lifestyle among students and students. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region