Austrians again sterylizuvatymut stray dogs in exactly

volunteers Austrian charitable organization Four paws (Four Paws) again sterylizuvatymut stray dogs in Rivne. An agreement was reached during a working meeting between Deputy Mayor of Rivne Alexei Hmyletskym and coordinator of care for homelessanimals in Ukraine Olesya Lischyshynoyu and head animal protect organizations "under the auspices of" Tamara Lukyanchuk. Recall that a memorandum of cooperation with this organization Mayor Vladimir Khomko signed in the summer of 2014. In particular, in mid-March signing of agreements between local authorities and the Austrian charity organizatsiyi Four paws led by Dr. Amir Khalil, according to which the Austrians not only sterylizuvatymut animals in our city, but also conduct seminars for veterinarians engaged in educational work among students and to share their experiences with volunteers. Previously agreed that to Rivne delegation will arrive in six individuals in Augustunits are veterinarians, hunters and animal caretaker. Accommodation and catering representatives of the International Organization of Animal Protection in Rivne provide city authorities. Note. Project help homeless animals FOUR PAWS organization started over 15 years ago, has been successfully operating in different countries and to some extent changed the view of local tand public authorities and the general public on the issue. Due successfully held the preparatory work of utility companies and public organizations animal protect this project was made possible in our city. Sterilization of the project will take at least three weeks. Started, sterilization of the territory of a railwayth station, which will gradually covered most crowded places dogs. This was reported in the Rivne City Council