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Lutsk launched online auction "Coffee with volunteer"

In Volyn volunteers on Internet auction exhibit are volunteers themselves. Specifically, the hammer is meeting with a particular activist for coffee. Told correspondent IA ZIK. Volunteers for online auction « Coffee volunteer » created a separate community socialnetwork Facebook. &Laquo; In war, and therefore in volunteering, all methods are acceptable. Because the course is the heavy artillery volunteers and their friends sell the opportunity to meet with them to become better acquainted, have a delicious coffee or something to your taste & raquo ;, – referred to in the description of the group. According to the initiator of the auction Veronica Fedosov-Cybulski, the idea of ??actionarose spontaneously. Volunteer Christine Lesyuk jokingly wrote a list on what you can gather funds. And there among the options persuasion « washing floors » or seminar « How to pack a parcel with one hand » offered and meet with volunteers. &Laquo; And that theme meetings with interesting people active struck me though not new, butthis. to attract many & raquo ;, – Veronica admitted. There are currently four volunteers put up for sale. The starting price of each lot – 100 USD. Every next step should be a multiple of ten. Profoundest traded on the wounded area coordinator Volyn Regional coordination center for partyATO am Nata Tolmachev. &Laquo; All rates including anonymous, must be paid within 24 hours of their admission. Proof of payment is a picture of the check from the terminal screen or from your online banking & raquo ;, – emphasize the creators of the auction. All funds are transferred to the card Privat representative volunteer group « VolynSOS » Nicholas Dmytruk ( 5211-5373-4950-9559). &Laquo; financial cost of the coffee made by agreement & raquo ;, – added jokingly organizers. Told