In Transcarpathia cyclist killed in an accident and the passenger "Audi"

Traffic accident with tragic consequences occurred April 6 near smt.Vylok on Vynogradiv. Under the wheels of cars killed 31-year-old cyclist, and died in hospital a 26-year-old passenger car "Audi" that fatally injured a bicyclist. The culprit of the accident cmertelnymy effects was 43-year-old resident s.Dyakovo Vinogradov District. Driving a car brand "Audi" foreign room, he took off at speed on the bike path. This car was hit by 31-year-old cyclist. The victim from his injuries died at the scene. The driver and two passengers suffered physical eye oftion and taken to a local hospital for medical assistance. There one of the passengers, 26-year-old resident s.Bratovo, from his injuries died. In fact the accident started criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.286 Criminal Code of Ukraine (violation of traffic safety or operation of transport persons with ledMert victim). This offense is punishable by imprisonment for up to eight years. The investigation continues. It must determine whether the driver was "Audi" at the time of an accident while intoxicated. Information Vynohradivskyi District Police