In the Transcarpathian region right at risk, or pyrotechnist DSNS - a profession without a second double

Right to risk their lives for the safety of others can afford only a very brave and strong spirit of man. One of these brave and heroic rightly profession professions can be considered a clone or pyrotechnics DSNS. Specialist fireworks almost every dayrisking their lives to preserve peace and security, and sometimes - health ’ I and the lives of others. Now in terms of military action taking place in eastern Ukraine, pyrotechnics profession acquired special significance. After working in extremely difficult conditions, has not yet cooled down from the fighting areas, these guys are really doing a great job onbenefit civilians and Ukraine. From the total mining since the beginning of ATO, pyrotechnic units DSNS cleared more than 1.7 thousand hectares area. Removed and destroyed more than 34 thousand. Units Munitions, checked for ammunition against about a thousand ’ objects of social infrastructure. However, the peace and terytoriyah of pyrotechnics enough. Considerable seasonal load floor ’ is linked with an increase in calls to the detection and neutralization of GDP, fireworks group with the arrival of the warm season. With the onset of spring ‚ when activated Trenching ‚ begins a kind of apogee « boyeprypasnoyi » problems for the group pirotehnary works for rescue special unit (ARZ SD) DSNS in Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. This period ‚ almost every day when they go to collect « yield » ‚ abandoned decades ago. Unfortunately, identify such « gifts » will be more than one generation Ukrainian. Bombs ‚ shells ‚ mins ‚ grenades ‚ ammunition - all echo the First and Second World Wars, which continues to threaten local residents death or disaster. Every year Transcarpathian pyrotechnics rescue service neutralize dangerous hundreds finds. Since the beginning of the year (data as of April 7, 2015) 20 times they have been involved in extraction and destructionGDP, in which were seized and destroyed 102 of GDP, and thus saved the people from potential danger. Among the « catch » Fighters DSNS – 34 units of engineering ammunition (anti-tank mines), 6 mortar shells, 19 artillery shells, 22 grenades and 20 rounds of ammunition, and so on. During this dry statistics not only the courage and professionalism of Pirotehnikiv but saved someone's life. According to the same pyrotechnics, do not worry and do not have much in mine clearance. Most importantly – it's good to know what it looks like one or the other ammunition in the context of what type of fuse is installed and principle of operation. It is necessary to follow all safety rules and not to hurry. When talkingthe mortal danger should carefully think through his every movement and weigh surrounding environment. For each of pyrotechnics have children who are waiting to return home father … When in comes a lull pyrotechnics and emergency calls are not coming, most of the time they devote to training. This not only improvelasni skills, but also spend Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work among adults and the younger generation. Open lessons, stocks « Prevent. Save. Help & raquo ;, and a number of other measures - where workers pyrotechnic groups are welcome. On this occasion, the Office DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region reminds citizens ofhow dangerous can be found suspicious metal objects. If you come across explosives, do not touch it or move to another location. It is strictly forbidden to try to defuse the bomb alone. Instead, it is necessary to mark the place of finding and inform the authorities, local government, police or JSCelefonuvaty to rescue a number « 101 & raquo ;. Worth city ’ favorites, dangerous discoveries are removed and destroyed in accordance trained specialists pyrotechnics. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region