In the Transcarpathian region indictments concerning 40 corrupt prosecutors sent to trial

in the first quarter of 2015 initiated 39 criminal proceedings on corruption. This suggests a significant intensification of law enforcement agencies in the field of fighting corruption. In particular, the court within three months nebeen transferred 34 indictments concerning 40 people – every three days prosecution sends to the court indictment regarding corrupt. Of these, 15 - of crimes related ’ aggrievedly give undue advantage (Articles 368-369-2 Criminal Code of Ukraine), 17 - for misappropriation, embezzlement and theft of budget funds (Art. 191 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and 2 - on abusedtion office (art. 364 Criminal Code of Ukraine). Criminal proceedings in completed proceedings were brought against 16 - persons who temporarily perform organizational and administrative functions 9 - civil servants, 6 – officials of other government bodies, 5 – individuals. 4 - officials of local governments,two – employees of district administrations. Among prosecuted 7 police, including two employee STI 4 publicans and one guard. This year's biggest corruption offenses committed in the public sector – 11 education – 3, health care – 1, banking – 2, andas one crime in foreign economic activity and land relations. Press office of the Prosecutor's Office Transcarpathian region