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Transcarpathian "traffic cops" for an hour tracked down the driver who knocked on Mukachivschyni cyclist and ran

Driving car "Hyundai" that injured man was 31-year-old woman, a resident of Mukachevo district. Sunday evening in Mukachevo district s.Shenborn accident occurred. The car was hit by 47-year-old cyclist was moving in onPutnam direction. The driver fled from the scene. Cyclist injured and was taken to hospital. The detection driver escaped settled for Mukachevo police. Within an hour the State officials identified the driver culprit accident. As it turned out, a cyclist knocked car brand "Hyundai", driven by Laneebuvala 31-year-old resident of s.Shenborn. Guardians of "accidents yasovuyut circumstances. In this incident continues checking. State car Mukachevo again appeals to drivers. If you are a member of the accident, in any case, do not leave the scene. Provide first aid to the injured, call an ambulance and chivrobitnykiv SAI. Information Mukachevo CF MIA