State car Transcarpathia showed irregular hauliers

Only two hours raid were identified and documented 17 violations of traffic rules. In order to ensure road safety in the performance of passenger transport officers raided the State in Transcarpathia Mukachevo. Buses stopped Mr.oblyzu railway station on vul.Matrosova, academician Morozov and towards the villages and Chynadiyevo Kolchino. In general, the raid was attended by 5 crew SAI. Before the raid had instructed Chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs ATI UGAI area Police Major Vladimir Sharkadi. He said that special attention should be paid to illegal carriers. And also withice reveal facts establishing additional seats on the bus, vehicle conversion and more. Also, attention was paid to the passage of mandatory technical control buses. During the raid, inspectors found and documented 17 violations of traffic rules. State car once again calls on the edge of the carriers steadily dotrhyme traffic rules. Remember that you are responsible for the lives of passengers. Information UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region