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Zhytomyrski police witnesses are asked to respond to accident investigators MIA

Zhytomyr appeal to potential witnesses an accident, your testimony can help recreate events and circumstances contribute to objective investigation. March 28, 2015 around 7.15 hours. 127 km of highway Kyiv - Chop near Zhytomyr region s.Hadzynky car driverI VAZ 21099, moving m. Zhytomyr, moved to the left side train "Reno" was on the right. As a result of the accident killed the driver and two passengers light vehicles. December 20, 2014 around 17.20 hours. in. Korostyshiv Street. Bolshevik, near the bus station, the driver of "Mitsubishi" hit pedestrians. Last obtain fromthese injuries died at the scene. Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Zhytomyr on the facts of this tragic accident are held pre-trial investigation. Guardians appeal to citizens: if you witnessed the above accidents or has any information about these events, contact the Department accident investigation Clidchoho Management Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Zhytomyr Oblast (m. Zhytomyr, vul.Staryy Boulevard, 5/37) or call (0412) 40-74-31. SU MIA of Ukraine Zhytomyr region