Accidents in Lutsk: turniketna damaged fence, knocked electrical resistance (+ photos)

In an accident no one was hurt. At night, at about 1:20, the street Gnidava registered accidents without victims. 38-year-old resident of the city of Lutsk, driving a car "Mercedes 140", according to preliminary data, lost control. As a result, the car knocked down a concretein electrical resistance and turniketnu damaged fence. On the driver will be compiled by the administrative protocol century. 130 CAO because he refused to undergo, in accordance with established procedures, given the setting of alcohol, drugs or other intoxication. In addition, the driver will have to answer for centuries. 124 (Violation of participants dorozhnohmovement of traffic rules, which resulted in damage to vehicles, cargo, highways, streets, railroad crossings, road works or other property), p. 139 (Damage to roads, streets, road construction, railway crossings, tramways, technical regulation of traffic) and Art. 126, asat the scene there was no insurance. Damaged car delivered to areshtmaydanchyk temporary detention of vehicles UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region