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Since the beginning of this year to Volyn police received

appeals in 1613 Following consideration of the total number of positively resolved appeals in 1063, 292 complaints authors provided relevant guidelines and recommendations. - For the majority of citizens issues related criminal offenses - 251 staff misconductPolice - 105, abuse of officials - 29 personnel matters - 24 pensions of former police officers - 5, housing and living problems of workers and pensioners ATS - 14 social - everyday problems of citizens - 947, other issues related to ATS - 150 - said the head of Classified Information and dockumentalnoho software Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Volyn region Elina Soroka. During the five-site private receptions held public management leadership in areas of the region with various questions asked 20 Volyn. - During the first quarter of 2015 to the reception MIA for personal reception asked about 40 people. The biggest molkist appeals related to the investigation of criminal proceedings, conflicts, actions and inaction of the police, personnel issues, social and domestic problems. It should be noted also that since the year reduced the number of complaints regarding illegal actions or inaction of the police. In particular, last year's mercy to uswent 122 such complaints, and to have 105 - said the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs VRSDZ area. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region (Based VRSDZ MIA)