During January-March 2015 Derzhfininspektsiya in Vinnitsa region provided compensation for loss of over 4.8 million Derzhfininspektsiyi

specialists in Vinnitsa region in January-March 2015 provided the elimination of violations that led to the loss of financial and material resources of more as 4.8 million USD. On the results ofmanagement's heads of local authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations received 15 administrative decisions. Information from revisions police launched an investigation and pretrial 1 1 handed a written notice of suspicion of a criminal offense. For maximum compensation for loss of financial and material wasesursiv a lawsuit filed 10 lawsuits for more than $ 1 million. In 14 cases, the institutions during audits which breach, applied financial sanctions in the form of suspension of operations of public funds, the suspension of budget allocations and reduction of budget allocations. For financial irregularities committed 21 official prosecuted administratyvnoyi liability 14 - disciplinary and material, including 1 person dismissed from his post. In addition, to prevent legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, the State Service for Financial Monitoring to information revealed financial transactions subject to financialmonitoring, totaling more than 2.8 million. UAH. Remember that in the State Financial Inspection in Vinnitsa region every day, except weekends and holidays from 09.00 to 18.00, and on Friday from 09.00 to 16.45 functioning "hotline." By calling (432) 66-28-96 every citizen can report evidence of illegal useofficials of enterprises, institutions, organizations budget. In addition, the inspection at (432) 66-13-92 operates direct "line of anti-corruption" that I can report cases of abuse by officials Derzhfininspektsiyi in Vinnitsa region office. Press Service Derzhfininspektsiyi in Vinnitsa region Will notifyDo Vinnitsa RSA