In the first quarter budget Vinnichiny payers joined by more than 594 million

The head of the regional fiscal service Miroslav Prodan said that last year the total fee to the local budget was 50 million less. "This is an extremely good indicator, especially given the many tax innovations that have been functioning since the beginning of the year. Wedid their best to explain them as accessible to taxpayers and the level of income shows that were on the right track. The whole team of fiscal and service with the public and journalists? worked smoothly, although there were difficult moments "? said the official. A substantial portion of all proceeds to the local treasury, according to MiroslavSold amounted to a tax on personal income - more than 317 million USD. For ground natural and legal persons paid over 96, 4 million. A uproschentsy Vinnichiny listed in the budget of more than 89, 6 mln. USD. A new kind of fees to the local treasury, the excise tax on retail sales of alcohol during the first quarter filled up to its claimonad 35, 7 mln. USD. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration